Two-Factor Authentication is used on many occasions these days. There are also a lot of situations where contracts are signed on paper. But did you know that there are many agreements that can be confirmed with eSign where no further authentication is required? For example, did you show your ID when you signed your current work contract? Some agreements are low risk and therefore only require light insurance; in this case, email authentication is enough.

Commercial contracts, work contracts, NDAs, meeting minutes and rental agreements are examples of situations where you can use SignHero instead of complicated and time wasting options. SignHero enables you to get documents signed with a few clicks, store signed documents in your SignHero archive, add team members to your organization account, as well as track processes and send reminders. Signing invitations are sent by email, and signing doesn’t require a SignHero account. No extra authentication is needed because SignHero only focuses on cases that fall under the ‘freedom of making contracts’ act.

SignHero is owned by a Finnish software company Avaintec Oy and it offers a modern solution that makes life easier for you and your customers. You will spend less time on unproductive work, you will have less paper, and you can offer a more secure way to sign agreements. When signing is simple, your booking process and number of customers will improve.

Johannes Setänen, Business Director from Eezy Office, has enjoyed the benefits and simplicity of SignHero

E-signing offers many benefits for organizations

Electronic signatures have been helping organizations speed up their business for almost three decades now. Today, eSigning can be as simple as sending an email, but it also offers a variety of benefits.

SignHero helps to get rid of pen-and-paper signing and physical archiving (environmental benefit), streamline processes, and cut down costs, as well as expand smoothness of online communication. By automating document workflows across organizations, sales, marketing, logistics, HR, and legal functions achieve substantial efficiencies in helping businesses of any size eliminate paperwork bottlenecks. Along with CRM, ERP, digital archiving, and other cloud-based SaaS applications, eSigning is finally digitizing global business.

Johannes Setänen, Business Director from Eezy Office, has enjoyed the benefits and simplicity of SignHero:

“Signhero was fast and easy to implement in action for Eezy in the field of staff leasing. No complicated integrations, no extra costs, just simply monthly fees. So Eezy!”

What are the features of a good e-signing solution?

SignHero already offered a modern solution for sealing the deals and signing the contracts. However, constant development is the key for success and SignHero has improved its features. With new updates organizations have even more tools to revolt against complexity, over-engineered processes, and the old way of doing things. Following features have been added to SignHero:

  • Improved archive search
  • Tag signing process and Tag search
  • Restart signature
  • Customized email templates
  • User statistics
  • Account merging

SignHero wants to offer its help in multiple languages. At this moment, SignHero is available in English, Finnish, Swedish, Polish and German. French, Spanish and Dutch versions are also coming.

SignHero can be integrated into any CRM, HRM, digital archive or other document
management system, communication tool or application marketplace. This way the
user will get a “send for signature” button right where she creates and stores
documents. You can even sign directly in your Gmail account via SignHero plug-in without
leaving your inbox.

If you want great user experience for an e-signature service and increase the number of your contracts, we highly recommend you to try SignHero!