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SaaShop is a marketplace for SaaS products. We offer small and medium sized customers all their software in one place. Those customers sometimes need professional help. Our partners help them to get more out of their SaaS-investments.

SaaShop is a marketplace focused on software sales. Our offering covers hundreds of different software. The software consists of traditional office and IT security software, as well as modern B2B SaaS (software as a service) software..

We act as a software reseller and provide support services for the use of the software. We are looking for local IT companies as partners who can offer a wider range of products and services to local customers, including hardware and expertise.

Since SaaShop only works in software sales and support, we are looking for partners who can complement our offering. Together, we can offer customers broader total solutions with better quality.

Provider Partner Catalog

Our provider partner catalog is the place to be. When you register to our partner program you get a free listing to our solution provider catalog.  You can define three areas of expertise and two SaaS products with which you can offer professional services. For Independent Consultants we recommend to choose only a single SaaS expertise. It’s hard to be a pro in many things.

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If you are a SaaS-company looking for a new sales channel or partners. Please check out our seller site: 

Local Service Providers

Are you a Microsoft partner or reseller? We have hundreds of Microsoft customers who need your service. Join us as a partner and you can offer your services – after all, M365 is a SaaS service.

Here the goal is to provide local IT services to our customers close to them.

We choose one key partner for each area, so there won’t be much overlap. For this partner, we refer all leads for IT services. We expect a high quality and ability from the partner to help the customer with problems related to Microsoft 365, IT hardware and other basic software like virus protection, team working and publishing tools.

Provider Partner Benefits

You get:

  • Free listing on the Provider Partner Catalog.
  • Promoted on our newsletter, social media channels and customer bulletins.
  • The most significant leads in your area.
  • Possible joint selling activities with SaaShop’s solution sales team – you are introduced as a professional expert.
  • Opportunity to specialize in 1-2 selected technology competencies and get all related sales leads to those technologies.
  • The opportunity to become an expert in a SaaS product, and gain a significant amount of new business as the business develops.
  • Discounts and Offers. 

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