Glances becomes the newest partner joining the growing SaaShop online marketplace for subscription software for small and medium-size businesses. The partnership is a natural with both companies sharing a mission to help businesses save time and money by making it easier to buy,manage and use multiple subscription software products. With the partnership, Glances is now available on SaaShop where you get all your business software easily in one place, on one bill.

Modern professionals and companies of all sizes know the hassle of keeping up with and managing multiple software apps and all their associated data. Acquiring all SaaS solutions from one place has multiple benefits: they appear on one clear invoice, there are no surprises, and support is always one message or phone call away. But even more challenging is simply using the apps in a coordinated manner so the value and ROI they promise is achieved in daily work, as well as ensuring opportunities are pursued and customer satisfaction issues are addressed promptly and nothing is overlooked. This is where Glances comes in with their clever solution that offers a one-stop view of data and notifications from multiple apps – all available at one glance.

“Glances simplifies work for any professional that relies on two or more business apps as part of their SaaS stack. Once your apps are connected with Glances, you gain complete context of your data in one simple view, plus the ability to perform multitasking actions related to one app while working in another. This saves hours of time per week and empowers you to focus on the real, talent-based work you were hired to do,” explains Jessica Biondo, Director of Marketing at Glances.

Glances was developed from the need to have a complete view of data across apps


How Glances came about describes the pain experienced by many small to medium sized businesses and professionals across all industries and professions. Data is scattered across multiple apps, channels, and tabs without a clear overview of what is going on. The cofounders of Glances are developers who have worked on integrations for CRMs and popular SaaS solutions for over 15 years. From their experience helping many clients they saw a need for a time-saving browser extension tool that allows you to view all data at one glance.

“Developing integrations is our specialty, so we have a realistic understanding of our clients’ struggles when it comes to navigating a variety of programs. Our research brought one common pain point to light: businesses want to easily access a single, more complete view of their customer data. Despite various job roles and industries, they all share the time-wasting struggle of chasing crucial customer data from one online app to another. This is how the concept for Glances was born,” says Jason Eggers, co-founder and CEO of Glances. Glances connects SaaS apps with no-coding approach

Glances securely connects all of your apps , providing a single simplified view of the important data you need in real time – no coding necessary. Glances works within your apps and on any webpage you visit. Glances is compatible with many of the apps available on SaaShop, such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Pipedrive CRM, MailChimp, Stripe, QuickBooks, and many others.

The Glances team is continuously working on new features and enhancements based on user feedback. A great example is the new Highlight and Search capability that makes daily searches for information even faster.

Well-aligned duo – the partners on a common mission!

With a shared vision of offering time-saving and hassle-free solutions, the Glances and SaaShop partnership has been natural from day one. Joonas Mäkiranta, Sales Manager at SaaShop, found Glances and reached out to get the ball rolling. The initial motivation was to find a solution for Pipedrive customers to tie everything together, but the team at SaaShop quickly realized how well aligned Glances is with the SaaShop vision to simplify the billing and management of subscription software by consolidating in a single place with one simple interface. Conceptually, this is what Glances is doing with the applications themselves in day-to-day use.

“We’re excited that Glances is the SaaShop portfolio. The product is simple to set up, and so good that once you start using it you begin to wonder how you worked without it. Glances adds value to our customers because they already have multiple SaaS apps, but they often don’t work together; Glances gives them an easy way to integrate them within their daily work,” Joonas says.

Jason from Glances continues: “Glances and SaaShop share a similar vision to  make business software simpler, more convenient  and more productive. Our partnership makes complete sense and we’re excited to help more professionals and businesses save time and money, and stop the hassle, when it comes to managing their growing tech stacks.”

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