SaaShop partner Triuvare offers comprehensive IT support for local businesses. Triuvare specializes in technical expertise related to the implementation, customization and ongoing management of software, hardware and related business needs. The company has approximately 50 customer service-oriented IT specialists in house. The partnership between SaaShop and Triuvare offers business benefits to customers of both companies by expanding the range of services and products offered, as well as adding value across the entire network of other customers, service providers and SaaS ISVs.

Customer experience is key for Triuvare

Throughout Triuvare’s offices, one main value stands out: customer service. Effortlessly delivering an excellent customer experience is very important to Triuvare.

“Our team is made up of people that are engaging and knowledgeable. They don’t rely on technical jargon, and are comfortable and adept at communicating technical concepts in a conversational manner. Their primary objective is to provide an excellent customer experience and high quality customer service. The technical side can always be trained, but customer service starts with people,” says Toni Rantanen, the CEO of Triuvare.

In addition to an excellent experience and high-quality service, Triuvare’s large team of technical specialists helps ensure fast and efficient customer service and IT support.

“It’s typical that people are anxious, sometimes even losing their nerves a bit, while there is an ongoing IT problem. In these situations it’s important to start helping immediately instead of passing the customer on to another person, or worse they get passed on to multiple others. If the customer is connected with a specialist that understands the issue, it takes approximately 18 seconds on average to resolve the issue. Our objective is that the first contact is with an IT specialist that can resolve the issue. This directly leads to the sort of ’wow’ experiences we want to offer,” continues Rantanen.

Carefree IT services for a monthly fee

The ”Premium Carefree” offering from Triuvare has been particularly well received by our customers, and it offers an innovative and compelling approach that should interest any organization outsourcing IT services and support. The Premium Carefree service emphasizes continuous improvement and focuses on identifying areas in need of improvement before issues occur. The service is offered for a fixed monthly fee with clear pricing so IT expenses are predictable and budgets are easier to manage. 

“IT support is typically based on hourly pricing and the customer is invoiced based on the amount of work performed. We find this a bit backward, since it means that the business is based on IT problems. Our customers pay a fixed monthly fee for an IT environment that works well, and we own the responsibility to see that it keeps working. In this way, we flip the tables on the typical IT support business model: our business prospers and grows with satisfaction and the absence, or fast resolution, of IT problems, not the other way around. And when the customer knows the price beforehand, there are no surprises, making the IT budgeting process easier and more predictable,” says Rantanen.

A number of the satisfied customers of our Premium Carefree plan are small and medium-size businesses, but Triuvare is also familiar with supporting larger enterprises as well. One of the common threads across our customer base, regardless of size, is the willingness to outsource tasks and services that are not part of their core competence.

Everyone benefits from the cooperation and the services it offers

The partnership between Triuvare and SaaShop is based on the fact that both sides bring something to the table that not only benefits the other, but also the SaaShop community at large. We at SaaShop are excited about the partnership because along with the SaaS products our customers buy from SaaShop, they are also asking for quality services and support at a reasonable price. Customers not only get the convenience of buying and managing all their subscription software in one place with one bill and one simple interface, they also have ready access to IT experts like Triuvare to get them up to speed quickly, keep them running smoothly, and ensure they get the most from their IT investment. 

The main thing is that the customer gets the products they need for their business, along with the support and service to ensure they are up and running quickly and efficiently, things keep working, and when there is an issue, they get help and a resolution to their issue fast with a great experience. With partners like Triuvare, the SaaShop ecosystem and network of support is stronger, and our customers have access to experts that can make their business more productive, efficient and carefree.

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