We consolidate all your subscription software on one invoice

  • Spend Management: One invoice for all of your software, along with monthly spend reports.

  • Expense tracking: Track all your software expenses and identify any unused software at a glance.

  • ProSaaS: Regular live meetings with our team.

  • Customer Service: Real people provide personal service and support, not just AI.



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See what some of our customers are saying about SaaShop

Document House consolidated their subscription software to SaaShop

” Ordering our licenses from one place and on one invoice makes life much easier – as things change in the future, they’ll also be easier to manage. It also saves us money, because now different bills from various providers don’t circulate around the office.”

inderes consolidating software

” We consolidated our SaaS softwares into SaaShop because we are looking for cost savings. As a bonus, we get to manage all licenses through one service.”


” We didn’t have to do much. The entire process took only a few days to a couple of weeks for the old software, while the implementation of the new ones was a breeze.”

All of your company’s subscription software in one place

Say goodbye to confusion related to subscription software, as well as the hassle of tracking and managing multiple invoices, receipts, credit card statements and vendor portals. By transferring the billing of your existing subscription software to SaaShop, you’ll receive one consolidated invoice for all your software, and have one simple portal to easily manage user licenses and customer service requests – all at no extra cost.

Take advantage of the convenience by ordering all the software your company uses through SaaShop. There is no charge for the service, and you might even save money on the software you’re already using.