All your subscription software in one place.

SaaShop is a one-stop shop for all your subscription software, all in one place, with one bill and one simple interface for literally any SaaS product.

There is no cost to you, in fact, you will save money on the software you already use.

Don’t see all the apps you’re using in our marketplace, don’t worry, this is just a small sample.
SaaShop can consolidate any subscription software product. Contact us to learn how.

All your software on one bill

Order all your subscription software on one bill

No more credit card chaos. Order all your subscription software on one bill.

Same price as buying from a SaaS company directly

Our price is always the same as when buying directly from a SaaS company.

Free expert support at your disposal

Our dedicated SaaS professionals are ready to help you – no extra cost!

Manage all your (SaaS) software in one place

Manage all your subscription software in one place

A new employee’s licenses are all a few clicks away on a single service.

Immediate changes to your bill

All changes to your order appear in the next month’s bill.

Network of project & implementation partners

We have selected top partners, in case you must build something bigger.



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See what some of our customers are saying about SaaShop:

” Ordering our licenses from one place and on one invoice makes life much easier – as things change in the future, they’ll also be easier to manage. It also saves us money, because now different bills from various providers don’t circulate around the office. We have now subscribed or consolidated all our subscription software via SaaShop.”

Document House
Document House consolidated their subscription software to SaaShop

” We consolidated our SaaS softwares into SaaShop because we are looking for cost savings. As a bonus, we get to manage all licenses through one service.”


” At the beginning of my business, I needed a partner who was able to deliver all the company’s basic software at once. One monthly fee now handles things like domain name, email, website, CRM and billing.”

Wendell Partners