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SaaShop lets you buy all your software with one consolidated invoice and a single simple interface for managing user licenses. We also provide support and assistance with deployment, configuration, integrations and more.

It’s easy to centralize existing software you are already using, simplifying your software purchasing and management while also helping you get a handle on SaaS spending. SaaShop is free, and because we get better deals from software vendors by aggregating thousands of customers’ software purchases, we can often even save you money!

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SaaS Products


Order SaaS products

Request a quote for specific software products you are using or need to buy

Just request a quote for one or more software products from our marketplace and we’ll process your request immediately. Even if you don’t find the software on our marketplace, don’t worry, we can still consolidate the purchasing and billing. You can also request a quote for deployment services, including configuration, integrations, training and more.

Along with a quote, SaaShop provides personalized “white glove” service to make it easy to get started. SaaShop is focused on building a simple self-service interface so you can manage your software purchases and licenses directly, but we’ll also get you set up on the marketplace and show you how it works. And you can always just send a quick request to our customer service reps via email, text or call, and we’ll handle it for you.

Consolidate and centralize your software with us to save time and money

It pays to centralize your software with SaaShop. One simple common interface for buying and managing all of your software not only saves you time and effort, it enables you to get a better handle on your SaaS spending.

It’s easy to see how much you are spending on each product and how many licenses are being purchased. Make real-time adjustments and optimize your spending without getting lost in potentially dozens of vendor portals and user interfaces. And when there’s an issue, whether it’s a problem with billing, support, or something else, just reach out and we’ll help get it resolved quickly.


Connect your software to improve productivity and ROI

When software works well together productivity increases, and you get a better return on your investment. Because SaaShop offers hundreds of SaaS products and we help businesses consolidate and manage multiple products, we’ve built up knowledge and expertise related to how products work together. We can quickly point you to existing out-of-the-box integrations or provide guidance on how to create a new integration.

Just lets us know which products you want to connect, and we’ll help you identify the quickest and most cost-effective options. And don’t worry if you don’t find a particular product on our marketplace, chances are we’ve run into it and can help. And for more complex needs, we have a strong ecosystem of partners with deep technical expertise and business experience that handle even the most demanding needs.

Additional services

Get help setting up and using your software

We’ve helped thousands of companies with the software they buy from SaaShop. First-line support is included, and if you need more, we have ready-made service plans, including Basic, Advanced and Premium plans to choose from. Plans range from basic deployment, configuration, guidance, and training, to integrations, customization, workflow development and more. SaaShop is not only a place to make buying and managing software easy, we’re committed to helping you get the most from your software investment.

Concierge service to identify and recommend ready-to-use solutions

There are tens of thousands of SaaS products worldwide. Our Concierge service will help you find the products that best meet your needs, get them up and running quickly, and as needed, integrate them. You get the desired business benefits faster with less strain on your resources and without wasting time on the wrong software.

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