Simplify and grow your SaaS business

SaaShop is a comprehensive marketplace for SaaS products.

Buy, provision and manage all of your customer’s SaaS applications in one place with one simple interface.

There is no cost to you or your customers to use SaaShop, and our prices are the same or lower than you’re paying now.

SaaShop helps you save time and effort associated with the SaaS products you sell today, while also growing revenue from products your customers are already using but that you aren’t selling them.

We do the work and share the revenue.

SaaShop will add value across your product portfolio, but we’re also happy to coexist with other direct or distribution relationships you have today. SaaShop will drive incremental business by making it simple for your customers to consolidate other products they are using with you.

We’ll help you grow your services business.

In addition to helping drive growth and increase profitability through better SaaS management and incremental license revenue, SaaShop drives demand for value-added services. We’re looking for businesses to join our community of experts that offer services to our fast-growing customer base.

See how it works with a no cost Proof of Concept:

  • 1. Target:
    Choose a sample of five to ten of your current customers.

  • 2. Analyze:
    SaaShop uses prospecting tools to identify the products the selected customers use.

  • 3. Opportunity:
    Together we’ll review the unrealized revenue potential in the customers in the sample.

  • 4. Consolidation:
    We’ll work with you to make an offer to your customers. You get paid when a customer buys any product on SaaShop, and the revenue is recurring.

Benefits for your business:

  • Rapidly expand the number of products you can offer to your customers
  • No impact on your company’s current software vendor relationships (e.g., Microsoft) or commissions
  • Larger (and growing) share of your customers’ SaaS spending
  • Additional revenue from products customers are already using, but buying elsewhere
  • SaaShop does the work
  • Revenue share is recurring for the life of the customer
  • Improved customer retention with consolidation and alternatives for products that do churn
  • Leads for your core services business

Benefits for your customer:

  • Simplicity and efficiency by purchasing from fewer vendors

  • All software on one invoice

  • Better customer service and responsiveness

  • No cost, or an even lower price (if you choose to pass through savings)

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