SaaS Cost Calculator

Do you know how much you spend on your subscription services and software? Try out our SaaS Cost Calculator and get a quick overview of all your software expenditures.

What is SaaS Cost Calculator?

A free service that enables you to quickly compile & audit your software, subscriptions, and SaaS product expenses. Discover your direct license costs, combined with related services, and indirect costs from time used to manage your products, user accounts, vendor relations, etc.

An interactive tool for mapping your SaaS applications for the entire company. In the process, you can also reveal hidden expenses, such as duplicate use of the same products and time spent gathering invoices, expense reports, and credit card receipts for different accounts across the departments.

The first step in getting all your software and subscription services on one invoice. In addition, you will get a monthly spend report to stay on top of your software cost and usage in the organization.