SaaShop for SaaS companies

SaaShop is an online SaaS marketplace offering a new sales and marketing channel for your product. Just create an account and start selling your product to thousands of businesses globally; it’s that easy.

SaaShop works alongside your own sales team and other channel partners.  If you are just starting out or considering online sales, SaaShop is a great platform to easily test it out.

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Become a (SaaS) Seller

Selling your SaaS product(s) on SaaShop is easy. Just create an account on the online marketplace. The simple onboarding process enables you to quickly create a company profile and a listing for your SaaS products with important information, such as license types, pricing and important terms.

SaaShop offers a rich API so you can automate the entire online sales process. Once your product is listed, you can start promoting a link to your marketplace listing anywhere you choose, for instance, on your website, on social media and in online ads or content.

List your product on SaaShop today and start marketing and selling your product to over 5,000 businesses worldwide.

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SaaShop is a fast-growing online marketplace where your product can be discovered, evaluated, and purchased by thousands of businesses.

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