Get Business Accounting in order through Software Consolidation

Business Accounting in order through Software Consolidation

The Business accounting underwent a huge change when the manual handling of paper receipts shifted to digital versions. Many companies still struggle with an overwhelming number of receipts, causing persistent problems. This guide explores the reasons behind this issue and proposes a solution. The chaos stems from the need to forward every receipt to the accountant, regardless of format, leading to a monthly struggle with accounting.

Companies need various software solutions, such as financial management and sales tools. Each software and its costs must be reported separately, which increases the time and costs of financial management, and even consumes employees’ time.

Streamlined software solutions save time and costs when used effectively, even with multiple software solutions.

Our guide helps organize your company’s receipts and software, allowing you to focus on business development. Save time, money, and reduce receipt volume with software consolidation!

Verify what software your company has, what is being used, and what is actually needed

The title sums it all up: by going through your company’s current software, you immediately get a comprehensive view of how many different systems your company is using – or at least how many software solutions have been acquired.

It is often realized that the company has solutions for various needs. But in practice, many of these acquisitions only bring along one more invoice and receipt. Sometimes the software is not even used because it is not actually needed anymore.

Once the big picture is clear, leaving only the necessary solutions, the situation may still feel reluctant in terms of receipts.

This is where SaaShop comes into play. By consolidating software billing with us, you can say goodbye to individual software-specific invoices and receipts. You’ll receive all software subscriptions on one invoice. This naturally means only one receipt for the business accounting.

If you’re unsure which of your company’s current software solutions are actually necessary, we can also help you trim down and utilize existing solutions.

”We consolidated our SaaS softwares into SaaShop because we are looking for cost savings. As a bonus, we get to manage all licenses through one service.”

Mikko Wartiovaara, FCO, Inderes

Save time in managing employees’ licenses

Handling receipts in a company can consume time, but another significant time eater may be managing various software licenses. When a new employee starts, their license needs to be added to usually more than one software. Similarly, when an employee leaves, all licenses for each system need to be closed. Typing each software individually consumes time easily.

Consolidating software allows for the opening and closing of licenses to be done conveniently from one place, even if there are multiple software solutions. Once again, every company’s favorite thing happens: time is saved, and when this happens, money is saved too.

Consolidate all of your company’s acquisitions

Often, for example, a company’s equipment purchases, such as computers, are bought as a package. This includes an email system and other software solutions suitable for basic computer use. From the same service provider, other necessary purchases can be handled, for example from printers to headphones and phones. The more needs that can be fulfilled through the same service provider, the easier and more enjoyable it is for the company to make purchases.

If you agree that making purchases from one place is a more comfortable option, you will likely also appreciate the benefits of consolidating software. In addition to saving time and money by combining all software subscriptions on one invoice, you can also supplement your company’s software bank if necessary.

We can consolidate any Software your company is using. If  you can’t find what you’re looking for in the marketplace, feel free to contact us. Don’t worry, even if you can’t find the software you use directly in our marketplace or our webpage, you can still have it on the same invoice as all your other software.

Seek Technical Assistance

Software options are plentiful, and finding the right solution tailored to your needs can be challenging. Once a decision is made, the next challenge may be the lack of proficiency in using the software – or not fully maximizing its potential.

So, let’s revisit the benefits of centralization. Through collaboration with numerous partners, we can ensure assistance and support for the software solutions in our lineup. We also offer workshops tailored to your company’s needs, providing deeper expertise as required.

The functionality of a specific software can be of utmost importance: if a CRM system crashes or the company’s customer service chat stops working, it can have chaotic consequences. SaaShop is here to support you in such situations and help solve technical challenges. Additionally, we keep our customers informed about software updates, so you stay informed about changes and don’t have to spend your time constantly googling and learning new things.

Saashop By Consolidating software

Consolidating software helps with your company’s business accounting

Here’s a summary of the guide:

  1. Assess Your Software Situation: Determine how many software applications your company actually uses and how many are needed. You need to get an idea of the software your company uses.
  2. Acquire Software Through One Provider: Obtain software through a single service provider to avoid unnecessary receipts.
  3. Utilize License Management Enabled by Consolidation: Save time by managing employee licenses from one central location, eliminating the need to spend extra time opening and closing licenses.
  4. Maximize Service Offerings: Take full advantage of the service offering and leverage the support of our experts for software procurement, problem-solving, and workshop needs.

No company should waste time on tasks that don’t enhance operations or align with goals. With our assistance, simplify software management, saving time for both you and your team.

Eliminate receipt chaos by embracing consolidation! It offers simplicity, cost savings, improved software integrations, enhanced user experience, consolidated data management, and scalability, not forgetting the savings in business accounting. Streamline operations and boost productivity

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