Our client Kodit.io is an ambassador for easy real estate sales. In addition to being a traditional real estate brokerage, Kodit.io offers renovation services and an innovative financing solution called Kodit Pay. Scalability and efficient management of software services are crucial for a fast-growing and internationally-expanding company like Kodit.io. To help them on their journey, Kodit.io chose SaaShop as their software partner.

Kodit.io is an innovative residential real estate brokerage based in Finland that also offers related financing and renovation services. Their mission is to simplify and improve the process of buying and/or selling real estate by optimizing or eliminating many of the time-consuming and often expensive steps associated with the process.

In addition to Finland, the company has operations in Poland and Spain, and has plans to continue and accelerate its international expansion. The fast-growing company’s success has also been recently acknowledged with several accolades and awards, the most recent being named a “soonicorn”, the exclusive designation given to technology companies expected to soon become “unicorns”, the name given to companies with a valuation greater than one billion euros/dollars).

“Our company is perhaps best described with the term scale-up rather than a startup. Growth has been robust and we expect it to continue. As a technology company ourselves, our choice of software has been carefully considered to meet our needs. However, as we grow, especially internationally, the challenge has been that different software has been ordered from different providers with different credit cards, making it difficult to manage and see the overall picture,” Sakari Hulkkonen, IT Manager at Kodit.io, explains.

According to Hulkkonen, multiple subscriptions for different software had been placed in different countries. This led to a situation where the number and variety of licenses being purchased with different credit cards was so complex that they couldn’t manage it efficiently. This is an increasingly common problem, especially for growing businesses.

Consolidating all software with a single invoice and management user interface provided clarity

Kodit.io found SaaShop through a recommendation while they were looking for a solution to consolidate all their software. Among other things, the software subscriptions they use include Pipedrive CRM, Google Workspace, Trello, JumpCloud, as well as products from Microsoft and Adobe. The consolidation included some software that was already in use and the subscriptions were transferred onto the same invoice with the help of SaaShop, and some new software acquired directly from the SaaShop marketplace.

“Centralizing our software solved issues we had related to both using multiple credit cards and user license management. Along with the software we were already using, we also found and consolidated a few new applications onto the same bill. The SaaShop service has been impressive as we were even able to buy software that wasn’t originally part of SaaShop´s portfolio. The SaaShop team takes care of all requests, and they always make it simple and efficient,” Hulkkonen says.

According to Hulkkonen, Kodit.io is extremely satisfied with the SaaShop service, and by consolidating and centralizing their software subscriptions across their business they’re saving time and resources that can be applied to more productive tasks.

“SaaShop is a great partner; they’re both reliable and flexible. The service is extremely valuable, and it’s great to have such an agile and dynamic service provider that responds quickly with expert service and advice,” Hulkkonen notes.

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