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A smarter way to manage and share documents

The M-⁠Files metadata-⁠driven document management platform makes it easy to instantly find and access the right information when it’s needed. With automated workflows and business processes your organization will improve the way information is used and controlled while also ensuring compliance
and as a result, drive better business outcomes.  Discover a competitive advantage with M-Files, the global leader in metadata-driven document and information management.



SaaS Products


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M-Files Base

  • On-premise only
  • Unique metadata-driven architecture
  • Search
  • Access from desktop, mobile & web
  • Automated graphical workflows
  • Version control with check-in/check-out
  • Microsoft Office 365 & Teams integration
  • Integration to external databases
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory, and Azure AD authentication  
  • Community support and learning tools Optical Character Recognition (OCR)   
  • Support for External Repository Connectors

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M-Files Team

Everything in Base, plus:

  • Cloud and self-hosted deployments
  • Advanced Search   
  • Importing tools  
  • Adobe Sign & DocuSign integration  
  • Reporting Module
  • Standard support (email/phone) 

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M-Files Business

Everything in Team, plus:

  • Cloud and self-hosted
  • Advanced Document comparison  
  • High-availability & high-resiliency support for self-hosted deployments 
  • AI capabilities for managing personal identifiable information (PII)

Order instructions

You can order the service

from the Marketplace(recommended)

by e-mail from customer service (customer service places an order in the system)

by phone 1 (512) 514 6185

1) Select a product

Select a product. Make the necessary choices at the purchasing stage. These include the number of users or additional features.

Recommended: Contact customer service if you’re not sure which version is best for you.

2) Accept the order and pay

Enter your information and accept the order.

Choose a payment method that works the best for you and pay for the first contract period (1 month).

Recommended: Pay by credit card and services will be up and running quickly – You can later switch to invoicing.

3) Receive user codes for the service

Receive the user codes required to use the service.

You also get a support person’s contact info, who is ready to help if needed.

Recommended: Contact customer service if any questions arise.