Pipedrive announced in April its latest innovation, Pipedrive AI, designed to help small businesses leverage AI technology for sales and business growth.

“Pipedrive AI represents a significant step towards advancing small business success,” said Timo Rein, CEO and Co-founder of Pipedrive. “We aim to provide our customers with innovative tools that make sales work more efficient and support their growth.”

Pipedrive AI includes a set of intelligent tools tailored to address business challenges. These include tools available on all license levels:

  • GenAI-based app recommendations: Pipedrive AI offers suggestions for apps that can assist small businesses in growth, helping them find the best tools for their business needs.
  • AI smart app recommendations: Pipedrive AI recommends top apps to enhance business operations.
  • AI-powered Marketplace search: Pipedrive AI’s AI-powered marketplace search helps find integrations that solve customers’ business problems.

Additionally, on Professional and higher license levels, Pipedrive AI offers:

  • An AI Assistant that helps sales teams identify opportunities and devise strategies to increase sales.
  • Assistance in automating and optimizing email sending and tracking, saving time and enhancing communication efficiency.
  • Accelerated email writing: Based on Pipedrive’s beta testing, it takes an average of 44 seconds to send an AI-generated email, compared to 9 minutes for traditional writing.
  • Assistance in understanding the overall sentiment of email threads and the customer’s readiness to close deals by summarizing messages.

Shaun Shirazian, Pipedrive’s Product Manager, emphasized Pipedrive’s commitment to providing user-friendly and effective AI features to help small businesses address critical business challenges, improve processes, and increase revenue. “Customer-centricity drives innovation at Pipedrive, and our goal is to offer solutions that truly meet the needs of sales professionals. Pipedrive AI brings together the key benefits for our customers, and we are committed to further development. Our team is already testing the next suite of features, aiming to release them later this year.”

Pipedrive AI features have undergone beta testing with over 70,000 customers and are now available to all users. Pipedrive is committed to building and delivering AI-powered solutions safely and responsibly, adhering to all privacy and security-related industry standards. Pipedrive does not allow third parties to use customer data to improve or train AI models without permission.

For more information on Pipedrive’s AI features, please contact us.

This article is based on Pipedrive’s article: Read the original article on Pipedrive AI here.

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