Pipedrive and SaaShop have been collaborating as partners since 2018. Long-lasting and successful partnerships are created between companies that share a common goal and values. In the best scenario, collaboration benefits both parties as well as their end customers. Trust and commitment play an equally important role, as do identifying and offering useful new solutions.

What is the basis of the successful partnership between these two companies? Both are SaaS experts obsessed with the common goal of helping small and medium-size businesses to grow. It’s a symbiotic relationship: Pipedrive is focused on developing an amazing sales-boosting CRM platform, and SaaShop creates out-of-the-box solutions based around Pipedrive product for customers. Get to know these two companies and learn more about their partnership and collaboration in this blog post!

Offering growth-boosting Pipedrive solutions and services for businesses

Pipedrive is an activity-based CRM platform that helps accelerate your business sales growth by automating and optimizing sales and post-sales processes and workflows. In addition to the fact that Pipedrive is an efficient customer relationship management tool, it also has a vibrant marketplace community that allows partners and customers to extend CRM by connecting Pipedrive with other tools, systems and platforms. Users can develop custom solutions to expand the CRM platform to fit a particular requirements and business needs.

SaaShop is a SaaS marketplace that provides consolidated billing to SMB customers that want to reduce the hurdle of managing multiple SaaS products, along with related invoices, contracts, user licenses and renewals. SaaShop offers a one-stop shop for all your subscription software, from initial evaluation, through purchase, support, and ongoing subscription management and billing; all in one place, with a single, simple interface.

By combining the characteristics of these two companies, a natural, profitable and customer-oriented end result is achieved.

“SaaShop is a Pipedrive Elite Solution provider. A solution provider is a vendor, service provider or value-added reseller that comprehensively handles the customer’s needs from concept and installation through ongoing support and maintenance. SaaShop has been a Pipedrive partner since 2018, and they are currently one of the most successful partners in the EMEA region and a significant partner globally, says David Macedo, Pipedrive’s Channel Sales Director.

Pipedrive & SaaShop: “A strong partnership supports internationalization and global expansion

Another thing connecting Pipedrive and SaaShop is the goal to expand and grow. At the moment, Pipedrive has 10 offices located in Estonia, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland and Czech Republic. The product itself has over 100,000 users in 179 different countries.

SaaShop is committed to growing their organization and expanding into other markets, such as the United States, where they are currently operating and growing their business. This offers more opportunities for Pipedrive as a partner as well. Support with Pipedrive implementation and integrations, user and admin training, as well as ongoing support and optimization is offered globally by the team of experts at SaaShop.

Pipedrive is investing in further expansion in the US, and having an experienced, longstanding Pipedrive partner we can work with to grow the market together is very valuable and strategic for both of us. We plan to invest more than ever into our brand to spread the word about our powerful and easy-to-use product and demonstrate how it can be life-changing for small businesses. Our ongoing partnership and collaboration with SaaShop in the US is a key part of that effort,” continues Macedo.

Pipedrive’s partnership with SaaShop brings benefits for everyone – and the customer is the biggest winner

Cooperating with an effective and experienced partner offers great opportunities for your own business and service offering. Your network will expand, you can generate more leads and you have access to additional resources to improve and develop your products. 

Over time and as the collaboration strengthens, recommending a partner becomes natural. This is when a true win-win situation is created where both parties automatically support each other. Another thing that comes automatically is education. Mutual expertise grows as partners learn from each other, enabling the development of new and even amazing things. It’s a great example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

If you put yourself in the position of an end customer, you will probably agree that fast and simple shopping is the best kind of shopping. When working with the right partner, you are able to offer more comprehensive solutions to your customers. In turn, your customers will appreciate the fact that it’s possible to buy more and more services through one service provider.

All the above-mentioned things are realized in cooperation between SaaShop and Pipedrive. With the collaboration, both parties have increased their number of customers. The partnership has benefited not only SaaShop and Pipedrive, but also their mutual end customers that have been able to also grow their businesses by taking advantage of this collaboration.

“SaaShop has driven great results and we are really happy with the partnership”, David sums up at the end.

How to start a successful partnership?

SaaShop is a marketplace focused on the purchasing and management of SaaS (software as a service) products. Our offering covers hundreds of different SaaS products, from core business applications, like CRM and marketing automation, to traditional office automation products, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, as well as common business tools, such as Dropbox, Adobe Acrobat, Docusign, Asana, Freshdesk, and everything else in between.

We act as a software reseller and provide the first line of support for products purchased on SaaShop. We are looking for local IT companies as partners that want to offer a wider range of products and services to their existing and new customers.

Since SaaShop focused on software sales and first line of support, we are looking for partners who can complement our offering with more comprehensive value-added services. Together we can offer end customers a wider variety of higher quality solutions, while decreasing and simplifying the ongoing effort to manage them.Interested in partnering with SaaShop? Contact us and start improving the retention of your existing customers (i.e., reducing churn), as well as generating new business with SaaShop today.