Two software programs, one bill. Together with SaaShop, entrepreneur Tarmo Herlevi from Home@Work made a survey of his company’s software needs. Hidden needs surfaced and the CRM system Pipedrive, as well as Dropbox Business for efficient and secure file sharing, were selected as solutions. Herlevi emphasizes that a CRM system is very valuable even for a small company.

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The customer base is broad and diverse. Most are business travelers, but customers also include those moving out from under a remodel as well as tourists. They all have one thing in common: the desire to live in a new place as in their own home. Home@Work makes it possible.

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An effective CRM system helps companies of all sizes

Home@Work was founded in March of 2021, and the company hadn’t yet had time to implement a CRM system. The subject is familiar to Herlevi, however: he has used various CRM systems in his previous jobs – even Pipedrive.

Setting up a CRM system hadn’t yet become a burning issue when Herlevi discussed the matter with SaaShop’s Kaj Seeste at a BNI (Business Network International) event. As a result of the discussion, the unrealized need for a CRM system became clear, and Home@Work and SaaShop agreed on a more detailed software needs assessment. In the end, Pipedrive clearly proved to be the best solution for Home@Work.

CRM systems don’t only belong in large companies; even a company with a few employees needs an effective customer relationship management system for developing corporate sales. Dropping even a single lead is one too many, and a good CRM – like Pipedrive – ensures that this can’t even accidentally happen. Home@Work gets numerous requests every day, so a comprehensive and easy-to-manage database of prospects is a valuable tool for the company’s operations.

In Pipedrive, for example, email threads with customers are automatically saved onto the customer profile and calendar synchronization is easy.

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Dropbox Business onto the same bill, please!

Cooperation with SaaShop didn’t stop there – in addition to Pipedrive, Home@Work needed Dropbox Business. Since Pipedrive had been ordered through SaaShop, Herlevi decided to use the same source for acquiring Dropbox. Both software were ordered on one bill from one place, which makes life easier for an already busy entrepreneur.

“Getting both programs at the same time and this easily from one provider, whom we’d already discovered is reliable, is very important to me,” Herlevi emphasizes.

Dropbox Business is invaluable in a company where a key part of the business is sharing documents, images, videos and really everything possible between several people on a daily basis.

There were small difficulties getting it up and running during the summer, but SaaShop’s technical support came through and all of Home@Work’s needs were met.

“I’m so happy with Dropbox that I don’t really even think about its price anymore,” Herlevi laughs.

“Dropbox is just so important to us!”

As a tip for all small business owners, Herlevi recommends following his example and buying software with many ready-made options for integration with other software.

Implementation support and integrations can help you avoid an otherwise exorbitantly expensive IT project, and you get solutions tailored to your needs from a provider who knows the software and understands a company’s software needs.

Yrittäjä Tarmo Herlevi, Kotimaailma Helsinki

“ Getting both programs at the same time and this easily from one provider, whom we’d already discovered is reliable, is very important to me.”

Tarmo Herlevi, Entrepreneur, Home@Work

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