Zapflow’s CEO, Mikko Pirinen shared how Zapflow has benefited from the software consolidation service service.

Zapflow is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for venture capital teams to efficiently manage their investment activities. It provides investors and investment teams with consolidated tools for managing their investment processes in one place. Zapflow’s customized CRM platform facilitates the management, input, and completion of information, designed specifically to meet the needs of investors.

On the Zapflow platform, all operational stages of an investment are integrated into a single platform, from fundraising to exit strategies. The platform allows you to easily manage various processes, such as identifying target companies, organizing funding rounds, and efficiently reporting on your portfolio companies. This makes life easier for investors and enables effective collaboration with all stakeholders. Zapflow can replace up to three to four different software applications.

Zapflow’s platform is accessible anywhere, including on mobile devices, providing flexibility and mobility to investment activities. It also serves as a bridge between investors and service providers, helping to find the right experts to meet the needs of investors. Zapflow offers a comprehensive solution for all investment needs through a simple user interface.

Benefits of Software Consolidation from the Company’s Perspective

Pirinen shared his experiences as a financial director in four different growth companies. He mentioned that these companies typically used subscription software or “SaaS,” often leading to multiple credit card payments and challenges in keeping track of receipts. Pirinen noted that over 15 years, he consistently faced the same challenges. Employees might have had four to five different credit cards for various software products, as some companies, typically those in the USA, preferred payments through cards. Despite company growth and the hiring of assistants, the workload in managing software licenses remained substantial.

Pirinen saw the potential of SaaShop as a solution to this problem. “I liked the value proposition that you get everything in one place and with one e-invoice, and that it can be processed digitally from start to finish. It has made our admin work and invoice approval much easier,” Pirinen stated in the interview. He emphasized that the major benefits of consolidation are the combined invoices for software and seamless communication with SaaShop’s customer service, which provides service in Finnish as well as during the same business hours as Zapflow.

Additionally, license changes are always handled quickly and efficiently through SaaShop. Closing and opening entire software suites is effortless with SaaShop. One contact, and the task is taken care of. According to Pirinen, one of the most important aspects is that opening new software is also easy, even if it’s not available directly on the marketplace.

Pirinen mentioned that Zapflow saves hundreds of euros monthly. The savings are not only due to software prices but especially from hidden costs associated with SaaS software maintenance. Checking invoices and notifications about license changes now take much less time than the previous complex process, which included logging into portals, reducing personnel, checking billing, and other time-consuming tasks that Zapflow’s admin staff no longer need to handle.

Collaborating with SaaShop is like taking a walk in the park

According to Pirinen, collaboration with SaaShop has always been smooth and highly efficient. There have been very few actual problems or difficulties, which is an indication of the seamless operation of the entire process.

It’s noteworthy that the SaaShop software consolidation service is entirely free, providing practical added value to Zapflow’s business.

Pirinen mentioned that from the beginning, software consolidation started with very little effort,, significantly easier than many other IT projects, which typically consume a significant amount of time and effort. He described it, saying, “In practice, we didn’t have to do much. The whole process took only a few days to a couple of weeks for the old software, while the implementation of the new ones was effortless.” Pirinen saw the initiation of consolidation as efficient and effective. Additionally, the expert services available through SaaShop, such as software implementation assistance, have been a valuable addition to the company.

Pirinen highly recommends software consolidation through SaaShop.

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