In the Get to know SaaShop team series, we introduce you to the employees of SaaShop.

SaaShop Inc sales team is eager to spread the word about the online marketplace for SaaS solutions. In this article you will get to know our CRM Specialist Imam Dastakeer and read about his visions for his sales career.

Imam is a Sri Lankan native currently residing in Helsinki, wholeheartedly embraces his role at SaaShop. In search of new and exciting opportunities to acquire new skills and leverage his existing expertise, he discovered the perfect fit with SaaShop. The prospect of engaging in CRM activities and promoting innovative SaaS products, such as Pipedrive, immediately captured his interest. This resonated with Imam’s passion for driving business growth through technology, making the decision to join SaaShop an easy one. The company’s focus on digital business opportunities aligns seamlessly with his academic pursuits and professional interests, promising a dynamic and enriching experience.

Thriving at SaaShop: A Journey of Continuing learning and Joy

“At SaaShop, I have been introduced to a diverse and supportive team that has made my transition seamless. From my supervisors to my fellow team members, everyone has been friendly, approachable, and always willing to lend a helping hand. I work closely with Joonas, Frankie, and Markus who have been instrumental in my growth within the organization.” explains Imam. The guidance from the team and training have been invaluable, enabling Imam to quickly get up to speed and perform the role effectively.

The most captivating aspect of his job has been conducting demos for clients. This experience has not only enhanced his proficiency in the CRM system but also challenged Imam to think on his feet when faced with unexpected questions from clients. It has been a rewarding and stimulating experience that continues to push him to learn and grow professionally. Furthermore, Imam contributes to SaaShop by assisting with reporting and data analytics.

Outside of work, Imam have been embracing the Finnish way of life, enjoying activities such as relaxing in a sauna, socializing, traveling and hiking. Finland’s natural beauty and rich culture have offered him wonderful opportunities to explore and relax during his free time.

Imam’s tips for pursuing a similar career

For those aspiring to follow a similar path, Imam shares valuable tips:

“Firstly, embrace new opportunities beyond your comfort zone, as they can lead to exciting career growth. Secondly, set clear short and long-term goals to stay focused and motivated. Thirdly, actively seek learning opportunities to enhance skills and keep up with industry trends. Once you find the right opportunity, commit wholeheartedly.”

Imam’s journey from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to Helsinki, Finland, has been a story of growth, learning, and remarkable opportunities. At SaasShop, he explores digital business possibilities, contributing to tech-driven growth alongside an incredible team.

He encourages others to embrace novelty, set goals, and invest in continuous learning for a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

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