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Frequently asked questions

On this page we have compiled answers to the questions we are often asked. Our advice service will help if you can’t find the answer here.

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Basic information about SaaShop.com

How many products can be found in the SaaShop online store?2021-06-22T13:51:13+03:00

There are currently about 50 products in the online store. Our closed database includes nearly 800 international SaaS software vendors.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the online store, please contact our counseling service and we will search the database and the network for alternatives that suit your needs.

Is SaaShop Oy a Finnish company?2021-06-22T13:50:25+03:00


What is SaaS?2021-06-22T13:48:08+03:00

SaaS is an acronym that comes from “Software as a Service”.

SaaS is software that is typically used in a browser over the Internet. The software itself is located in the server center. SaaS software is also referred to as cloud service or cloud software.

What is SaaShop.com?2021-06-22T13:47:06+03:00

SaaShop.com is a marketplace for SaaS products – in other words, an online store and reseller of software products. The offering covers a wide range of software for business development and maintenance.

SaaS products are service-oriented software. The acronym SaaS comes from Software as a Service.

What SaaS products (software) does SaaShop sell?2021-06-22T13:49:25+03:00

SaaShop sells selected software products from domestic and foreign software companies. Our offering is grouped according to the logical functions of the companies. In addition, there is an industry-specific offers for special sectors.

Who is the SaaShop online store for?2021-06-22T13:45:43+03:00

The SaaShop online store is primarily for companies looking for software for business development and / or wanting to focus their software purchases on a knowledgeable vendor.

SaaShop is also intended as a sales channel for SaaS companies’ products. SaaShop is an open marketplace and if a SaaS company meets the terms of sale, it can bring its SaaS product into store.

General information about softwares

Are softwares suitable for small and medium businesses?2021-06-22T14:03:51+03:00

Yes. Our offering includes a wealth of software that is well suited for SMEs. A significant part of our supply is suitable for all types of companies.

What are the benefits of softwares?2021-06-22T13:59:57+03:00

Today, software can be found for many different problems that companies face. They help to streamline operations, organize the work of employees, and create better conditions for quality customer service.

What software do you recommend for my company?2021-06-22T14:02:26+03:00

The needs of companies are different. We have almost 800 software products in our database. Our helpdesk will determine your needs and look for 1-3 suitable options.

Where can I find the latest software?2021-06-22T13:58:59+03:00

The latest software can be found on our website and in the online store in the category New.

Where can I find what current softwares are on sale?2021-06-22T13:58:11+03:00

You can find the software on offer in the online store under Special Offers.

Which software works the best for me?2021-06-22T13:53:16+03:00

Our consulting service will help you choose the right software for your needs.

Why should you focus your shopping on the SaaShop.com online store?2021-06-22T13:55:25+03:00

You get all the services in one bill, and you can take care of all the software-related matters through one point of contact. You save time and effort, and your own administration becomes easier.

In addition, the software advisory service helps you find the software that best suits your business. You tell us what you need and we look for suitable options.

Ordering software from SaaShop.com

Can I change (increase or decrease) the content of my orders?2021-06-22T14:42:54+03:00

Yes. Log in to self-service with your credentials to view the contents of your orders. For most products, you can also order more services / IDs / accounts / capacity.

Orders can usually only be reduced according to the contract period, ie when the current contract period ends for the service / account / account / capacity in question.

You can also contact our customer support and ask changes regarding your order.

Can I order directly online?2021-06-22T14:45:09+03:00

Yes. Select a product, specify the number of users or change the software-related settings (properies), and order the product. You can also continue shopping by collecting multiple products in your cart and ordering them all at once.

Can I order more than one software?2021-06-22T14:46:39+03:00

Yes. Our online store is designed for ordering several different products at the same time. Each product is added separately to the shopping cart. At the same time, the product-related settings that are mandatory for ordering, such as the number of visitors, are also defined.

Can I order the product for only one, three or six months?2021-06-22T14:46:01+03:00

Yes. If you would like to order the product for a shorter period of time, please contact our customer service and we will calculate the offer for you. Usually, a shorter contract period is a little more expensive in terms of monthly cost.

Can I pay all at once?2021-06-22T14:38:34+03:00

Yes. Payment can be made by credit card, online bank payment, or invoice. You can also use S-credits in your account to pay.

Can I pay by invoice?2021-06-22T14:39:03+03:00

Yes. You can choose the payment method at the ordering stage. You can choose to deliver the invoice by e-mail or e-invoice.

Can I pay with credit card?2021-06-22T14:40:04+03:00

Yes. Our service supports the following credit cards, among others:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
Can I print a receipt through the service?2021-06-22T14:47:53+03:00

Yes. You can order it by email or print from the console.

Can I view my current orders?2021-06-22T14:44:21+03:00

Yes. Log in to self-service with your credentials, where you can view the content and validity of your orders.

How can I terminate an individual software agreement? What about all of them?2021-06-22T14:27:47+03:00

You can log in to the self-service console and mark each software contract you want to terminate when the current contract period ends.

You can also contact our customer service before the end of the contract period so that our customer service representative marks the requested contracts as terminated when the current contract period ends.

If you have marked the contract at the end of the current contract period at the ordering stage or in self-service, the contract will end automatically.

How long is the contract period for orders?2021-06-22T14:14:48+03:00

When ordering from the online store, the first contract period is always 12 months. You can also contact our customer service to request a quote for a shorter or longer contract period.

Is customer service included in the price?2021-06-22T14:17:02+03:00
What is included in customer service?2021-08-04T09:19:52+03:00

In addition to handling orders and customer account issues, our customer service covers support for the use of individual software in problem situations.

You can get support by phone, email or chat. Our customer service is open on weekdays at. 9:00 – 17:00 (UTC +0)

When is customer service open?2021-06-22T14:18:28+03:00

Customer service is open on weekdays at. 7:00-15:00 (UTC +0)

Who can order software from the SaaShop.com online store?2021-06-22T14:16:04+03:00

Whoever. However, for some products, ordering is limited to either consumers, businesses, or a specific group (e.g., education, associations, government).

However, most of our products are intended for companies. The “Requirements” tab of the e-commerce product page shows the possible limitations of each product and the requirements related to the order.

Will I receive a receipt for orders in my email automatically?2021-06-22T14:29:46+03:00

Yes. At the ordering stage, you can select a billing contact when the receipt will be delivered to their email by default. If no billing contact has been selected, the receipt will be sent to the subscriber’s e-mail. You can also choose for yourself to whom the receipt will be delivered at the ordering stage.

You can also order a receipt from the self-service console.

Will the contract automatically renew after 12 months?2021-06-22T14:13:15+03:00

By default, no. However, at the subscription stage (or later from self-service), you can mark the contract to continue automatically.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the continuation of the contract is conditional on the payment of the next period before the start of the new contract period.

  • If your payment method is credit card (and there is enough funds), the amount will be charged from your credit card automatically.
  • If your payment method is online banking, you will receive an email asking you to pay S-credits to your account to confirm your account has sufficient funds to make payments for future contract periods.
  • If the payment method is an invoice, you will receive an invoice in your e-mail about 2 months before the start of the next contract period, by which you can extend the contract period.

Introduction to Software

Can I get help setting up the software?2021-06-23T12:46:28+03:00

Yes. The level and quality of implementation depends on the product. Basic commissioning and advice are included in the price.

In some cases, there is also a paid extension available for deployment, which allows you to get the product fully ready and configured according to your needs.

Can I influence the implementation of the software?2021-06-23T12:40:31+03:00

Yes. Deployment is based on your subscription information, but if you order Extended Deployment, you can influence the settings and deployment of the application.

How much does deployment cost?2021-06-23T12:43:38+03:00

Basic commissioning is always free. If the product has the option of a wider “turnkey” implementation, its price and content can be found on the e-commerce product page. Generally, a wider deployment costs € 100 – € 300.

The software doesn’t work properly, what do I do?2021-06-23T12:36:50+03:00

If you have problems using the software, our customer support will help.

The software settings need to be changed, but I can’t do it myself. Can you help?2021-06-23T12:39:26+03:00

Yes. If the software does not work as desired or if you need to change its settings, please contact our customer service.

There is also a product-specific FAQ available.

Will you assist if I need help using the software?2021-06-23T12:35:38+03:00

Yes. Product-specific FAQs help with basic questions.

If help is not found, you can contact our customer support.

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