Wondering how you can simplify purchasing, ongoing billing and user license management as you find your business using more and more subscription software?

This is what SaaShop does, it’s  easy to understand and it’s a growing challenge facing essentially all businesses. It even reaches into our personal lives, with increasing numbers of subscriptions to everything from Netflix to meal kits. If this isn’t something your business is dealing with, research the abundance of available SaaS products on the market. You may be missing out on a valuable solution to save you time or support your team with a vital tool.

In this article, we’ll cover how you can save money with a single platform to purchase and manage all your subscription software. You’ll also learn about our billing process and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Billing Consolidation and Subscription Management

Insufficient subscription software management is costing you money. Separate invoices sent at different times and frequencies from different vendors with different processes and billing user interfaces can be chaotic.

Many applications and services require a license for each individual user. If you reduce your number of employees, each software application must be updated individually, one-by-one. Similarly, new employees require an additional license of each, and since often multiple applications are being used, that means multiple licenses for each user, coming and going. Tracking when users are added and removed is tedious yet mandatory, as it directly impacts how much you pay for each software application, as well as how you account for those expenses in your own accounting. Needless to say, you should only be paying for the licenses you’re actually using, and only for the actual period of use, and not one month more!

SaaShop enables you to manage all your software in one place and combine all your billing into a single invoice and payment. This reduces the amount of time and money spent chasing and tracking multiple subscriptions for multiple users, or even just for yourself.

SaaShop Billing

The billing cycle can be freely selected as 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months, and the billing frequency can often be changed at any time by notifying our customer service. Note that in some cases a given solution provider might require an annual commitment, or might offer a discount on their price for an annual commitment, but it’s still important to know if any licenses are not being used and can assigned to new users when needed so you don’t accidentally buy additional licenses if you don’t need them.

Invoicing is automatic and ongoing for monthly or annual contracts; invoices are sent on the 1st of the month and due on the 14th, for monthly subscriptions, or at the beginning of your billing cycle during the year for annual subscriptions.

The preferred payment method can be selected when purchasing, for instance, you can pay by credit card, online bank payment, or by traditional invoice, sent via email, einvoice or snail mail.

Subscriptions are invoiced in advance, and we offer our customers the option to terminate subscriptions before the next contract period begins, and support you during the remaining period that the subscription is active to ensure that your applications and services are properly terminated by the software vendor or merchant.


The Internet and ubiquitous mobile devices have been key drivers of major changes in how business is done, from mobile workforces to subscription software, digital signatures, the paperless office, and so much more, have fueled the explosion of SaaS products and services companies use. These products have enabled employees — and businesses — to thrive in remote or hybrid work environments. SaaShop helps businesses navigate this new way of working by simplifying and optimizing the purchasing and management of the increasing number of subscription software tools being used by companies that are succeeding in this new world. 

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