SaaShop is approved to Business Finland NIY Funding program. Business Finland is a publicly funded operator owned by the Finnish state, which offers companies and research institutes innovation financing and internationalization services.

Business Finland awards Young Innovative Companies (NIY) funding to the most promising startups under the age of 5, which are credibly aiming for rapid international business growth. NIY funding has been granted to approximately 40-50 companies annually. SaaShop Oy is now one of those selected companies.

Young Innovative Companies (NIY) funding is specifically designed to accelerate the sale, marketing and internationalization of innovative and explosive start-ups. Business Finland only grants NIY financing to a well-selected number of our customer companies. In my opinion, SaaShop Oy has the capabilities needed for rapid growth – they have strong business evidence and an ambitious growth strategy,” says Jani Jokitalo from Business Finland.

In the picture Jani Jokitalo, who works at Business Finland NIY Funding in the role of Account Lead.

The support of Business Finland accelerates our journey to the U.S. market

Business Finland appreciated our company’s courage to enter the international market at an early stage:

The innovativeness of SaaShop Oy’s business is based on the business model of the platform economy and the company’s exceptional business strategy. The strategy is implemented by a talented and diverse team, backed by an experienced government, neither of which can be overemphasized as important to a growth company. In addition, the company has boldly embarked on a strategy of scalable growth by targeting the U.S. market at an early stage.

With Business Finland’s NIY funding, we can expand our operations in the United States and grow internationally. Our goals are high, and the support we receive from Business Finland will enable and, of course, accelerate the journey towards our next goal.

SaaShop Oy has every opportunity to become one of the Finnish success stories of the SaaS business. SaaShop Oy is a great example of a company that has developed its operations systematically and at the same time has the courage to grow up. From Finland’s point of view, SaaShop Oy is an excellent channel to offer Finnish software know-how to the world.

NIY Fundig opens new growth possibilities to Finnish SaaS startups

With this new NIY funding, SaaShop will be able to start selling market-leading SaaS products to a wider audience. Tools like Pipedrive and related sales tools like Leadfeeder, ActiveCampaign and Docusign are well-known players, but now SaaShop can also sell a high-quality Finnish SaaS product to the US market.  SaaShop is an open marketplace and all SaaS Product are welcome to join. From company’s developer site Sellers can find more information

This wonderful achievement would not have been possible without our wonderful employees who are committed to achieving a common goal. We would like to thank Business Finland for their support,Kaj Seeste, the CEO of SaaShop Oy in Finland says. 

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