The Pipedrive sales stack from SaaShop is a collection of leading tools that integrate and enhance Pipedrive usage at different stages of the sales process.

The tools in the stack are some of the most popular in their category. We use these tools ourselves and will help you succeed with them!

Pipedrive integrations

Leadfeeder is B2B lead generation software – fill your Pipedrive sales funnel with leads!

M365 or Google Workspace – use your office automation tools with Pipedrive and gain efficiency and productivity with better integration!

Close the deal with DocuSign – securely execute agreements and contracts with esignatures – on mobile too!

Generate leads effectively by capturing visits to your website

Generate more engaged leads more effectively by identifying visitors to your website

Engage your prospects and customers more effectively with efficiently integrated office automation tools

Move and track deals through the pipeline faster with the leading CRM for small businesses: Pipedrive

Sign the deal with secure and easy-to-use digital contracts and esignatures.

Optimize your sales process with an improved sales stack based on Pipedrive

Our recommended Pipedrive sales stack is tested and proven to grow sales. With the help of the right software, capture more leads and turn them into deals faster!



Pipedrive is full of features that help you prioritize deals, track performance and predict revenue. Leads, contacts, opportunities pipelines, and customers all in one place – and it’s fully mobile!

  • A CRM designed for salespeople to help you close more deals
  • Get more efficient and productive, with better visibility at each stage of the process
  • Improve collaboration across your team
  • Automate sales tasks and create customized sales reports
  • Communicate more effectively and consistently with your customers

Pipedrive LeadFeeder – lead capturing for sales

LeadFeeder is B2B lead generation software that helps you identify more engaged prospects. Lots of prospects visit your site anonymously, and often disappear without you ever knowing. Leadfeeder helps you identify them, enabling you to better engage and nurture potential customers past those earliest of the sales process.

  • Automatic lead generation that identifies visitors to your web site
  • You decide which website visitors are leads
  • Track visits by those that sign up for your newsletter or download content
  • Get notified when your client or prospect visits a particular web page
  • Use Leadfeeder in conjunction with other common lead generation programs

Office 365 and/or Google Workspace office automation tool

The majority of companies are already using these popular office automation tools for email, calendars, online meetings, documents and more. But how well are you using these tools together with your CRM?

  • Automatically capture and record email communications with prospects and customers
  • Automatically create and sync calls, meetings and follow-up tasks right in your standard calendar
  • Ensure better CRM hygiene and maintain better records of all activities and customer interactions.
  • Get better visibility into how prospects and customers interact with your emails.

DocuSign – secure and easy eSignatures and digital contracts

Easily and securely sign and store documents with electronic signatures. Digital contracts and proposals with eSignatures are how modern businesses operate, start taking advantage of them today.

  • Rely on the industry leader in eSignatures and digital contracts
  • Improve and automate your proposal and contract processes for a better customer experience
  • Automatically store contracts in Pipedrive
  • Strengthen your brand and company image with more professional proposals and contracts

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