Gredi, which implements digitally savvy brand and asset management worldwide, moved from HubSpot to Pipedrive to better manage sales. The acquisition and implementation of the Pipedrive CRM, designed for sellers, succeeded effortlessly with SaaShop.

In this article, Risto Pasanen, CEO of Gredi, goes into the benefits that Gredi brings its customers, its operating principles and values, the decision to switch from HubSpot to Pipedrive with the help of SaaShop and Pipedrive’s benefits.

Gredi: the heart of savvy digitization

Gredi, implements digital asset management, brand management and automation and aims to promote digitally savvy skills. Their goal is to secure your digital assets and brand value.

Pasanen emphasizes Gredi’s three foundational principles, which underpin everything the company does:

  1. An operating model by which the value of digital assets is increased and brand investments are measured and utilized.
  2. Using the right tools to make workflows smoother, automate routine activities and embrace digitization.
  3. Competence that supports and mentors employees, which enhances work productivity and leads to better brand management.

Digitally savvy asset management is also comprehensive and secure: Gredi Content Hub is a GDPR-compliant repository of digital assets.

“Gredi eliminates time-consuming questions, such as ‘where do I find that data?’ and ‘how do we handle brand management?’” Pasanen summarizes.

Trust, integrity and working together

Gredi’s strategy is to be a SaaS hybrid with the platform economy as its ecosystem, but primarily it is an IT service company. Products cannot be bought online ready-to-use, so the initial work always takes place between people. This fits with Gredi’s business philosophy, which is based on community and interaction between people.

“People first, then the product – always. Gredi’s greatest strengths are trust, integrity and working together. People do things and machines help, which is why artificial intelligence works more as support intelligence,” Pasanen emphasizes.

“Thanks to AI and automation, projects become processes – just like in Pipedrive.”

Gredi has more than 100,000 users worldwide. The customer base consists of large and medium-sized companies as well as public entities, but it is definitely suitable for companies of all sizes. Examples of customers who have turned to Gredi for help with their digital assets and brand management are Kone, Sinebrychoff and Sanoma.

From HubSpot to Pipedrive: implementing sales processes efficiently

The move from HubSpot to Pipedrive was not a complete leap into the unknown, as Pasanen was already familiar with Pipedrive from its earliest versions. Pipedrive’s time hadn’t arrived yet, though the tool made a lasting impression on Pasasen.

“I loved Pipedrive in the early days. Now that Pipedrive’s development has progressed, it has also impressed management and sales.”

And Pipedrive is always getting better. From Gredi’s perspective, Pipedrive has one significant advantage over HubSpot: the needs of sales.

Pipedrive is built for sales, HubSpot isn’t, and so managing sales processes isn’t as handy with HubSpot.

“A sports analogy can be used to open this up,” Pasanen says.

“Volleyball is played according to the rules of volleyball. If you play volleyball, you need volleyball shoes, not soccer shoes. In the same way, sales work is done by following the rules of sales and you need the tools that best suit those activities.”

Pipedrive really understands sales: it is fully digitized, highly automated, easy to use, minimizes the number of clicks and strives to make everyday sales work and sales process management more efficient. Thanks to the numerous integrations available, Pipedrive can be used in a very versatile way. With Gredi, Pipedrive can be a powerful tool on all devices.

“Our customers trust us, we thank them for that, and we trust Pipedrive,” Pasanen says.

Cooperation with SaaShop

Once the decision to move to Pipedrive had been made, the most effective and efficient way to put it into action had to be found. Pasanen asked around and was advised to contact SaaShop, Finland’s official Pipedrive Elite Partner. The acquisition and deployment of Pipedrive both went through SaaShop. According to Pasanen, the support service also worked flawlessly the one time he had to turn to it.

Pasanen describes cooperating with SaaShop in more detail:

“SaaShop’s understanding of the operating model, so that Pipedrive could be adjusted to best suit Gredi, was especially important for our cooperation.”

“Our own activities are based on interactions with people and the community, so whom we deal with is really important. The people at SaaShop are friendly and knowledgeable, and above all, things move forward. We immediately got Pipedrive up and running, and we didn’t have to figure out all the nitty gritty details ourselves.”

Risto Pasanen, toimitusjohtaja, Gredi Oy

“ I can definitely recommend SaaShop. They have solid Pipedrive expertise and the service is first class. ”

Risto Pasanen, CEO, Gredi

SaaShop is an official Pipedrive Elite Partner

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