One license here, another from there, a third from yet another provider… Sound familiar? When software license invoices arrive from various sources they’re difficult to manage and increase costs. Learn how we helped Document House overcome software provider chaos.

Document House,  which specializes in intelligent document management, decided to break the negative cycle of software chaos and ended up ordering all their Microsoft Business Standard licenses along with a handful of other SaaS software from SaaShop on one centralized invoice.

In this article, Jarkko Ollikainen, CEO of Document House, talks about the company’s operations, the Kameleon tool it has developed and how the decision to centralize orders for Microsoft licenses and SaaS services to SaaShop has saved both effort and money.

Document House makes documents intelligent with its Kameleon software

Document House makes documents intelligent so that their content is searchable and they’re stored according to your company’s needs and standards. Document House’s crown jewel is its self-developed software Kameleon.

Kameleon helps organizations keep their documents consistent by always updating users with the latest version. It also uses metadata to make documents intelligent. Especially as the number of documents grows, metadata is an invaluable way of keeping all your files organized, locatable and searchable.

Rather than being a file system, Kameleon leverages existing systems like SharePoint to integrate them into a seamless whole.

Centralized license orders save money

To get their license management under control, Document House switched to ordering all of its Microsoft Business Standard licenses and other software from SaaShop.

In the past, licenses had been ordered from a number of different providers. If you looked carefully, you could still find licenses for former employees hidden in the confusion. Putting a firm number on the number of licenses and what they cost became a challenge. Fortunately, there was an easy solution: transferring all the licenses to SaaShop.

“Ordering our licenses from one place and on one invoice makes life much easier – as things change in the future, they’ll also be easier to manage,” Ollikainen says.

“It also saves us money, because now different bills from various providers don’t circulate around the office. Many don’t even realize how costs from many small bills add up. One bill for all our licenses brings us clear savings. Transfering the licenses to SaaShop also went smoothly, as SaaShop’s experts handled the process quickly and also provided IT support.”

Ollikainen is very pleased with the centralization of Microsoft licenses with SaaShop:

“They have created an excellent and scalable path to cost-effective software management. It reduces our own burden managing software. I can warmly recommend SaaShop – we’ll certainly consider them for our future software purchases”

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